Custom Cupcake Boxes

Cupcakes are the best gift that anyone can give you; they are tiny, sweet and complex! They make you smile and who doesn’t like cupcakes? Cupcakes are also a booming business in the food industry and due to the overcrowding of the product it is important to have something about your cupcakes that stand out, and not just the taste and the looks of the cupcake, but also the packaging. It is often told by many company owners that advertising through your own customized packaging is one of the most ingenious ideas as you can make packaging in much less money than the other marketing tactics as it is already compulsory to have a packaging for your cupcakes, having custom cupcake boxes is basically spreading your name in the social media today. No matter who your customer is there is a 75% chance that they use one of the social media sites or apps, be it Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat or Instagram and there is a higher chance that they will take a picture of the product inside the box it came in and what’s even more enticing is the fact that no matter what number of followers or online friends this person has are now exposed to your product as well as your packaging. This is why we provide you with the best of the best Customized Cupcake boxes. Food packaging Boxes are proud to give you some of the nicest looking and most beautiful wholesale Custom food boxes.

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The social media craze is also a factor why your Custom Cupcake Boxes need to be sturdy and should protect the product inside, as if the cupcake itself is ruined, that boomerang on Instagram or the reveal video on Snapchat will not be the best or the happiest because the ruination of the cupcake will not be attributed to anyone but your company. Food Packaging Boxes is the company that will blow away your worries; we give you exactly what you need.


People pay for privilege and they expect privilege. Everyone wants something different, something that stands out and something worth enough to snap or Instagram about with the reasoning that it will make people who see it crave for it or jealous of it. Since Camera can’t taste, what matters is the presentation to most of these people because saying “It’s Amazing!” won’t translate into a picture that does not represent the product just right. Ruined custom cupcake boxes and cupcake, a ruined image for your company and that in not what you want. Food Packaging boxes provides you with the best design team that give you free consultation and helps you come up with the design.

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Food Packaging Boxes also prides in providing you with free delivery all over the states in magic timing, we make sure to get the design to you without any hassle or any problems, not to mention right at your doorstep. We also make sure you have an option to choose an environmental friendly choice, there is a large variety and also all of them are environmental friendly!