Tuck End Dispenser Box

Easy access, great design and ocular appeal! Combined with the customer attracting functionalities, dispenser boxes with tuck end offer a great utility in a retail store. They can be reused and can thus save a lot of cost for the shop owners. When the contents are finished, replace them in the same box and you can have a long lasting packaging solution at your disposal. These boxes are made from recyclable materials so do not worry about damaging the environment when you throw them away.

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The opening of the box has a perforation at the bottom. The sleeve then opens up to present the contents held within. This happens because the gravity facilitates the small packs of candies or chewing gums to clump up together. The customer then grabs and goes – it’s that simple! The function of auto lock bottom is that the base needs to be strong in order to stop the contents from spilling out. In a brief synopsis of the box, the design is solely made for providing an easy access to small contents like straws in fast food chain or candies in a retail store. For further information contact our customer sales and support staff.